How to modify battery_status message (arduino)?

Hello everyone,
I use cube orange with power supply and read the battery status from rp2040-zero.
Have succeeded:read battery status correctly.
Still tried:modify battery status’ property battery_remaining.
Thank you in advance!

void mavlink_send_battery_status(mavlink_battery_status_t battery_status)
  uint8_t system_id = 255; // id of computer which is sending the command (ground control software has id of 255)
  uint8_t component_id = 2;
  mavlink_message_t msg;
  uint8_t battery_function=battery_status.battery_function;
  uint8_t type=battery_status.type;
  int16_t temperature=battery_status.temperature;
  uint16_t* voltages=battery_status.voltages;
  int16_t current_battery=battery_status.current_battery;
  int32_t current_consumed=battery_status.current_consumed;
  int32_t energy_consumed=battery_status.energy_consumed;
  int8_t battery_remaining=50;
  int32_t time_remaining=battery_status.time_remaining;
  uint8_t charge_state=battery_status.charge_state;
  uint16_t* voltages_ext=battery_status.voltages_ext;
  uint8_t mode=battery_status.mode;
  uint32_t fault_bitmask=battery_status.fault_bitmask;

  //Pack battery message
  uint8_t buf[MAVLINK_MAX_PACKET_LEN];
  uint16_t len = mavlink_msg_to_send_buffer(buf, &msg);  // Send the message (.write sends as bytes)
  Serial1.write(buf, len); //Write data to serial port

It’s generally not an easy feet to “just change a mavlink message”. Taking a step back, what information are you trying to send?

Because of the inaccuracy of the battery_remaining, I would like to get a brand new value of it and view data through some platforms like mission planner. Besides, I am confused, why I couldn’t just pack the battery message and write to the serial port.

If you’re using Mission Planner, then you might want to ask in instead.

And what do you mean with “inaccuracy”. What data are you missing?

The battery remaing percentage always get 100% when power on, no matter the 6s battery is 25.2v or 24v.

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please send me code of battery status at rp2040 side