How to increase tf mini frequency

Hi there,
I am getting distance data from tf mini at 10 hz, tough it seems it can operate at 100 hz. How can I increase frequency.
Thanks in advance

Looking at the code it seems like it should run at 100 Hz:

How do you know you receive it at 10 Hz? Maybe it’s just the MAVLink message that is sent at 10 Hz. In the mavlink console, do uorb top and check for sensor_distance to see the internal uORB rate.

Yes, when I command uorb top -1 (uorb top didn’t work btw for other people with same problem) I get the frequency around 100 hz.
I am getting 10 hz on mavros, probably as you have indicated the mavlink message is set as 10 hz. How can I increase it ?
Thanks for the reply btw.
Screenshot from 2024-03-28 12-19-42

Hi all,
I have done it via help from discord channel. I am writing here to help others.

You can type this command on mavlink terminal of QGC: (be cautious about the device directory)
mavlink stream -d /dev/ttyACM0 -s DISTANCE_SENSOR -r 100

type just “mavlink” to get info about arguments

check also the following link for detailed info:


Haha that was me. I guess I check Discord more often than the forum here, although I prefer it here.

In any case, thanks for reporting back.