How to disarm immediately and avoid the ground effect (bouncing), when drone landing on water surface or higher altitude than the launch point

Thank you very much for your help.

How to disarm immediately for avoiding the drone keep bouncing the ground when landing, even I tried to use “disarm” through my FrySky controller?
The video in the last second, the drone cannot disarm immediately and keep flight downward and bounce to the ground.

There is the log.
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Set up a kill switch. That will allow you to cut throttle immediately. You can select a kill switch in QGC’s RC setup.

Dear Julian:

Thank you very much for the reply.
Could I inquire whether there is a way to prevent accidentally touch the kill switch?
I am also worried that if accidentally touch the kill switch during the flight, the drone will immediately lose power and drop.

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Good point. I would use one of the rotary knobs instead. It takes 1s to operate but won’t happen by mistake. Or I have seen people 3D print some sort of protection over it.

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Dear Julian:

Thank you very much.
Could I further inquire
is there dual switches protection in QGroundControl?
For example, to force stopping motor,
have to switch the first button to up and
switch the second button to down.

Thanks a lot again ^ ^

I don’t think there is support for that. But maybe your RC allows you to configure something like that.

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