How to add a normal motor to gazebo_sitl

Hi everyone,

I am trying to add a normal motor to a robot I am developing in Gazebo SITL. I have seen the plugin, but I don’t think this works for my purposes since this motor model also produces a thrust and drag moment i.e. it is the motor model for spinning propellers.

I just want a normal motor that can spin a joint. How can I specify something like this and connect it through to the firmware through the airframe ?

Thanks for any input

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Ioannis Mandralis

You can have a look how the gimbal of the Typhoon H480 model is made. I believe it uses some sort of motor on a joint:

Thank you very much for your response. However, I think this is for a gimbal joint. I only want to rotate the joint in one axis. Do you know how this could be done ?


You can follow this idea:

<joint name='rotor_puller_joint' type='revolute'>
        <xyz>1 0 0</xyz>

with this, you are going to have a rotation joint