How the function "main()" is called

how the function like “fmu_main(int argc, char * argv[])” is called?

Maybe, It is called as a command in a script. But I can’t find it.

could you help me ?

It’s started by script ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d/rcS. See

Thank you very much.
I found the code is used in a structure in the same file. Then I inference the structure and didn’t find the source which call the fmu_main() function.

I had found the rcs file, and I had known that the rcs script call other scripts in the same folder. However I don’t know the detailed process.

You can see the array of struct builtin_s g_builtins[]. This is a map of the “module names” to the main functions. You could now grep for where this table is used e. g. somewhere in NuttX.

If the question is “how is a builtin function invoked using the NSH shell”,
perhaps this Eclipse screen capture will help. I’m happy to report that no “grep” was necessary, just a C++ symbol search starting with references to g_builtins:

Hehe, sure grep or search in your favorite text editor ;). Thanks for sharing!

O~~ I’ll find it. Thank you !~!~!~!~

I’m using the Qt Creator
The “find in files” is very fast after once operate “find”.
MAYBE the environment could be set up for compiling the code in Qt, though I haven’t finish it…