How reliable is the power consumption data in the logs?

Dear folks,

I’ve been lately working on modeling the energy consumption of my private label S500 variant drone. I test horizontal velocity, relative altitude, and payload as model parameters while trying to isolate others and environmental conditions.

What I primarily control is the “discharged_mah” and “voltage_filtered_v” parameters from the logs to calculate the energy consumption for a specified period. But, I encountered several inconsistencies there, like carrying a heavier payload resulting in less energy consumption at the same speed, altitude, and headwind; or flying slower causing more energy consumption.

So my questions are: (i) how is this discharge measured, and (ii) how reliable is the data available in the logs?

Many thanks, and a happy new year to everyone!

Sorry for bumping up the topic, but the question is vital for an ongoing scientific research, so I’m quite impatient about it.


question (i) You can research deep into the source code how the discharge capacity works.
For general power module

For CAN power module

question (ii) I’m not sure about your power module specs. In my case, I use the CAN PMU (CUAV) and obtain an accurate result.

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