How much vibration noise is expected?

I’m troubleshooting my drone, and just wanted to know what the general consensus is for an acceptable amount of IMU noise from vibrations?

During flight, I’m observing IMU noise in the X and Y directions on the order of +/- 0.9 m/s^2, and in the Z direction about +/- 1.5 m/s^2.

Is this normal, or is this too high? My PX4 is mounted in such a way that it would be time consuming to remount with foam vibration dampers, so I wanted to see what people thought about this before I go through the effort to try it out.

I’ve also had a couple minor crashes on this drone and the propellers are less than perfect. I’ve heard mixed beliefs on how much the propellers effect the performance of a drone. Is it worth always making sure the propellers are new and flawless?

I’m experiencing jitter in Altitude hold, and thought this might be the cause.



It depends on the frequencies in the noise. Here is a flight with a drone without issues from vibrations but with significantly higher magnitude of noise.

However, as soon as you have noise with higher frequencies it might very well cause issues

What is the easiest way to do a frequency analysis of the noise? I’ve been using FlightPlot to view my log files. I didn’t see a Fourier Transform option in FlightPlot. Am I missing something that can do this for me? Or is there a different tool I should use? Or should I just use the provided python script to convert to a CSV and then write a script to plot the FFT in Python.

As far as I know Matlab or (as you said) Python are the easiest options.