How can I switch Tel1, Tel2 connections?


I connected LTE module to Tel1 and SIK radio to Tel2.

QGroundControl has been connected as follows.

When I click on the radio connection, there is no response.

Is there any other way to and from QGroundControl to check the status of Tel1 and Tel2?

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Does the SiK connection work? Is this with Pixhawk 6X? Try disabling flow control using MAV_x_FLOW_CTRL.

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yes. SiK is working.

my flight controller is Pixhawk V5+.

V5+ doesn’t have MAV_x_FLOW_CTRL parameter, is it?

I will attach related images.


Don’t worry about flow control if SiK is working.

I have no idea how that LTE module works, so I probably can’t help with that unless I know more.

A good idea is always to use wireshark to see what is going on.

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