How can I control multi vehicle with joystick?

I’m trying to control three vehicle wht one joystick at the same time.

  1. Activate the joystick by connecting each of the three aircraft to QGC.
  2. Connect all three gases to qgc via udp.
  3. At this time, the joystick only communicates with the last connected aircraft.
  4. Therefore, even if I select a different aircraft, the joystick cannot be connected.
  5. To connect, I need to activate the joystick again, and the previously connected joystick is disconnected.

In order to control 3 aircraft with one joystick, I believe that the commands of the joystick should be transmitted only to the currently selected aircraft, but the connection to the other aircraft should not be disconnected.

Doesn’t the current QGC support this? Or is it supposed to be supported but there is a bug?

I am fairly certain that the feature you want is not supported by QGC.

I would expect the GCS to send MANUAL_CONTROL messages for the joystick to the current active vehicle at the point that the joystick was connected. I would not expect the target to change after that unless explicitly disconnected.

I’m not sure how you would achieve multi-vehicle joystick control. Probably you would have to write your own code to integrate with a joystick and send MANUAL_CONTROL with the target field set to 0 (broadcast). Even that might not work if the vehicles only accept directed messages (and not broadcast MANUAL_CONTROL messages).