Holybro kakut f7 CAN support

as I plan to use Here3 rtkready gps on this board
I’m actually trying to evaluate mod for the Kakute F7 board defs to enable the CAN support as it looks CAN is available on 70/71 (CAN1) and 51/52 (CAN2) alternate functions pins (LQFP100 package) but in case any one already try (succeed or fail) to do it I don’t want to loose my time
is anybody can give some infos on that ??
thank’s for any help

Good day, F7 mcu can support the CAN protocol, but your board cannot support it coz there is no pinout…

sorry I seen that my last message missing begining where I say “hello gods of PX4” (an unwanted cut probably)
thank’s for the answer I was almost certain that it looks I²C1 clock and data can be repurpose to CAN1 lines (pins 95 / 96)
but as kakute is closed hw I can’t check design

i2c its i2c and CAN is CAN.
CAN BUS protocol work if there are lines from the MCU pins CAN TX-RX routed to the CAN transceiver, out of the CAN H-L transceiver there is a resistor of 120kohm.
i2c lines have pull up resistors on sda&sdl which value is 4.7khom or 10kohm.
You cannot convert i2c to CAN.