HITL Hexacopter - Custom Airframe?

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to use the HITL feature of my Pixhawk, however I need to do it with a Hexacopter, not a Quadrotor. I am specifically trying to use it with Microsoft AirSim, which runs in Unreal Engine and therefore must be run on Windows since Linux does not currently have Vulkan support. I am using Windows 10, with Ubuntu WSL2, and a Pixhawk 4 that is a couple years old.

I was able to find this wiki from AirSim on how to set it up (hexacopter · microsoft/AirSim Wiki · GitHub), however the PX4/Pixhawk side of things is not working as described in the wiki. Using WSL2, I am able to build the PX4 Firmware and transfer that file over to my Windows version of QGroundControl, as described in this article: Windows Development Environment (WSL2-Based) | PX4 User Guide

However, when after restarting the board, if I select the newly available “HIL Hexacopter X”, after the board restarts again due to the airframe change, it starts up with no airframe selected.

The tutorial I followed with regards to adding the new “HIL Hexacopter X” airframe is from 2017… has something changed since then? I notice on the most recent board firmware, the ID 1004 is now used for “HIL Quadcopter +”, so is it possible that the reason it isn’t working is because of the ID? Am I able to simply choose another ID? I am planning on trying that next, but I wanted to post this now in case that is not the solution, and in case anyone has any further recommendations.

Any help anyone could provide would be very appreciated! I am new to the PX4 community and haven’t ever built a drone myself. I really need to get this HITL simulation running!

Let me know if you need any more information from me on my system or what I am trying to accomplish.


I tried using a different ID, but then I run into a build error on the WSL side and I do not get the .px4 firmware file necessary for transfer to the Pixhawk