GQC: Mavlink components and UAVCAN bridge


I’m working on a UAVCAN-MAVLINK bridge and, since MissionPlanner hasn’t full support, and since I believe to have once seen QGroundControl doing it, I thought I could use QGroundControl, considering it a kind of a reference system.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to get either added MAVLINK components nor the UAVCAN support working. That is, I do have unit running connected to a serial port of a pixracer running ArduPilot (sysid = 2). If:

  • that component is running as MAVLINK component (ids = 2,52) I would expect to see it showing up “somehow” in QGC. In MP I do indeed see it as additional MAVLINK device, I can connect to can read/write it’s parameters (and a serial sniffer confirms that my item is working properly, and I also have tested with a STorM32 controller).

  • that component is running as UAVCAN-MAVLINK bridge, following this, I too would expect to see it showing up “somehow” in QGC. (In MP it is seen, as MP supports UAVCAN_NODE_STATUS, but MP can’t do more, since AFAIK that’s all of it’s support).

With GQC I just can’t figure out how to see any additional device besides the pixracer.

It’s probably something very stupid I’m failing to see. Any pointers, hints, etc. which might help me would be much appreciated.

Thx, Olli