Good in Stabilize Mode, but having trouble in Position Mode....Log included

Hey guys. I am using the Cube Black running on PX4 1.10.1. I am also using the Here Beta as my handheld controller running QGround Control with a Here + for my GPS. It is all mounted on a Hexa X with HobbyWing motors and esc’s using 23" props.

I have be reading a ton and per the instructions I have started my tuning (even though a little difficult to fly) in Acro Mode. I have tuned it pretty well and then moved to Stabilized mode and tuned a little more and pretty happy the way it flies (definitely not perfect), but holds well and no significant bounce or overshoot that I can tell.

The problem I am have is in Position mode. I take off in Stabilize mode and then switch to Position mode and the drone is pretty rock solid and holds it position pretty well. However, when I move the stick either in Pitch or Roll and hold the stick in a position, the drone will lean in the direction, but then it will almost fight what I am trying to command it to do from my stick movement. Say I add roll from my Here Beta sticks it will start the angle or bank and then it will go back to level and kind of just wobble back in forth in the roll even though I am holding it constant on the sticks. In Stabilize mode if I do the same thing it will hold the angle and not bounce or wobble back in forth.

I am not sure what to do. It seems to want to go, but it continues to fight me on wanting to go…hope I am making sense. I am not sure if it is vibration, tuning, both or something else. Really need some help as I have been fighting this and pulling my hair out. I probably should not of done a return to home, but it handled it fairly well. I have included the flight log and I am trying to learn how to read it better. The flight starts off in Stabilize, then to Position and last a return to home. I give the drone a lot of stick movement in hoping it will show what might be going on.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing back. Any help is much appreciated.

Trying to figure out how to include my log or .ulg file?

Think I figured it out how to include the log…see my first post.

Hey Guys. I am still looking for help. I did some more flying today and it flew very well in Stablize Mode and doing a Mission. In Position Mode it holds rock steady in a hover with no twitching or weird behavior. The problem is as soon as I give it stick movement in Position Mode it feels so disconnected, extremely slow to respond and soft. Feels like so much latency. Anyway I can fix this? Thank you.

Judging from the high frequency oscillations on especially roll angular rate, I would say the D is too high, and probably the same on pitch. Usually if it’s tracking pretty well but there’s a jaggedness to the graphs that’s what the problem is, since it will oscillate on angular acceleration.

Thank you @benasena. I tried that but it did not help. I just cannot find any info or figure out what is going on or I am doing wrong.

I need help, guys. I do not know what to do as I have been trying to read and trying different things with no luck…very frustrating.

As I have said it flies well in Acro and in Stabilize mode. I have tuned it where it is still crisp, but not shaky or overshooting. When I put it into Position mode it sits there perfectly in a hover. As soon as I give it say right roll, it will start to bank and follow my stick, it banks hard ( I am holding the stick in the same position) and then it will level out and glide which is weird. I then command it with more stick and it will just stays level (albeit drifting) and I will even give it more stick and then it will bank really hard fast and then roll back the other way to correct itself and if I give it more stick then it just gets into this wobble back and forth. In Stabilized mode it will follow my stick movement perfectly. In Position mode it does not follow my stick much at all and feels so disconnected… It seems to want to follow and then backs off and back on. Please anyone help!