Gimbal with QGC and Mission Planner

I am planning to get a gimbal to use with the Pixhawk4. There is no UI in QGC to setup the gimbal. So can I use Mission Planner to set it up?
MP has a great UI to do it.
In essence I would be using both apps to set up the quad.
Would that work?



The Camera page isn’t what you are looking for. If not send me a screen shot of what you are talking about in MP. You can use as many different ground stations as you want. I

See screenshot. no GUI for Gimbal setup

Since you are in the PX4 Forums I assume you are using PX4 firmware. There is no gimbal setup like MP has for ArduPilot since it is not needed for PX4 firmware. You can’t use MP with PX4 firmware only QGC. If you are running ArduPilot firmware you would see that the Camera page is different and includes gimbal setup, although that is for the old servo based gimbal setup I believe.

Thanks, but i did not get why setting gimbal not supported for px4

You should ask that in a PX4 firmware forum

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