Getting connection via USB port

Hi guys ! May be some one will help me or at least would share his considerations.

I’ve got Pixhawk 2.4.8 and Arduino Due as a external devise at this stage, but in future it will be replaced with something that has WiFi on board for downloading logs via WiFi. So now I am on the stage settling communication with PX.
I succeeded with downloading logs via Serial 1, 2 and 4 via MavLink.
Serial 4 is unexpectedly slow, 1 and 2 much faster but 900 bits/sec on bodrate 57600 also is not what I dreamt about. I decided to try Serial 0 aka USB but faced with problem that my Due does not see any activity on it. I used 4pin USB connector on the top of PX and connected it to Native USB port of DUE, and - nothing, neither heartbeats nor response on requests. I tried with grounded OTG_ID and without one - nothing, the PX communicates with Mission Planner via USB on the same port settings though, which are the same for all ports I tested: 57 - 1. And… my ideas run out off. What else should I try changing, except for stuff between chair and monitor? :slight_smile:

Both the Pixhawk and arduino are USB slaves, not hosts, so you can’t do what you’re attempting. You would need one of them to be a host.

Hi Auturgy,
Thank you for pushing me to right direction.
So, yes, USB host. It is funny that I`ve spent 4 days and still have no idea how to implement it. So little info how to arrange USB host of SAM3X8 uProcessors. It looks like no one reached success in getting raw data using CDC class usb host applications. I am in desperate.