Get higher px4flow rate through mavros

Hi all,

I am currently using px4flow through mavros. I know that the internal speed of the px4flow can goes to 250hz, but how do I get such speed through mavros? 50hz will be good enough for me, but it keeps giving me 10hz.

I am connecting the px4flow to a pixhawk4 through i2c and using a USB cable to read the data from pixhawk. Here is what I have done:

  1. In px4flow firmware, set `PARAM_BOTTM_FLOW_PUB_RATE’ to 50
  2. In px4 firmware, set CONVERSION_INTERVAL_DEFAULT in PX4FLOW class to 20 ms.
  3. In mavros, set DEFAULT_BAUDERATE to 921600.

For now, none of the approaches work. Does anyone know what can I do now?