Generic temperature sensor

In the PX4 project I noticed the lack of drivers for generic temperature sensors. For example LM75, etc. I saw that there is a driver for temperature and humidity sensors, e.g. SHT3x which is a good sensor for atmospheric parameters, but if you want to monitor a temperature in a wider range, there is no driver for an appropriate sensor . I believe the presence of a driver for general purpose temperature sensors should be useful, for example to monitor the temperature of electric motors or electronic devices that have no integrated sensor. The development of a driver would certainly also impact on the messaging system (uORB and MavLink) probably having to implement specific topics for propagation. I wonder if there is a specific reason for the absence of such a driver. Otherwise the presence of a generic driver could be the tool to monitor the temperature of critical components of a UAV. What do you think?


Was there any further implementation in writing a generic temperature sensor driver using i2c interface for Px4 firmware OR is this project on hold … thank you