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Hi all
Firstly, thankyou to everyone supporting this site, its much appreciated.

I have signed as would like to build a system that can monitor the telemetry of any drone carrying my monitoring system.
I would like to use say a Pixhawk unit standalone that could transmit positional data via a telemetry link to a remote ground station running my own software so that I can plot the position of that drone.
I would attached the Pixhawk and radio module and gps puck to the drone, calibrate it and send it on its way using the drones controller as standard. I could then monitor remotely, the 3d positional data.
I hear some people saying , link to the drones flight controller , but I want to be able to use it on a number of drones that may be running different systems IE DJI. Obviously , some drones would not be able to carry the payload , I would need to choose my drones carefully!.
Any suggestions as to the preferred route I should take would be appreciated. This will set me off on a more educated route rather than just picking one at random.
Thanks again for your help

Seems you already have set your own route, that is, any drone that can carry another Pixhawk unit.
I think pretty much drones can do that, even DJI drone can carry some load.

You just need a minimum FCU system, probably plus a battery, if no power feed available in that carrier drone. You may want the load as small/light as possible, so checkout some miniature FCU like MindRacer, with complete supporting accessories. Then just hook a telemetry module to it, job done.

Hi Orico4
Thankyou for your advice.

I will do just that and let you know how I get on.
Thanks again