Frsky telemetry stopped working on upgrading to latest stable

I upgraded my Pixhawk 2 to the latest stable PX4 version for the first time in a year or so. After using QGC to do the upgrade, QGC could no longer communicate (via serial over USB) with the Pixhawk. After trying a bunch of things I discovered that removing the /etc/extras.txt file from the sd card fixed the problem.
That file contains the command specified here:
i.e. frsky_telemetry start -d /dev/ttyS6

I presume the fix for issue #4409 from a year ago would be in stable by now?
Also my symptoms seem more severe than described in that issue, in that the Pixhawk seems to crash or something, rather than just the telemetry failing to work.

I am using a D8R-II plus receiver.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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This is the current user guide:

Thank you for that link.
So I assume it should “just work” with the etc/extras.txt file removed?
The trouble is it doesn’t, so I guess something else must have changed in the firmware.

Same problem here.

Updated to last stable and telemetry stopped working!

Removed extras.txt and it doesn’t work either.


I downgraded to 1.0.1 and telemetry started working.

But, QGroundControl cannot communicate with frsky_telemetry in extras.txt.

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I’m using a D4R-II…