FrSky Passthrough Telemetry

I cannot find where QGC supports FrSky Passthrough Telemetry. It requires a parameter SERIAL#_PROTOCOL to be set to 10. Does QGC not support the recent ArduPilot features?

Set SYS_COMPANION = FrSky Telemetry.

Better yet, use a Teensy together with Yaapu’s LUA script and you’ll have one heck of a telemetry display on your Taranis. It works with PX4 firmware. More details on the forum.

Good luck.

Thank you for your help. From your suggestion, I ordered a Teensy board and look forward to playing with that. In the meantime, I am using a Craft and Theory cable between the X8R Smartport and the Pixhawk 4 Mini Telemetry port. Still can’t find where to set the Serial1_protocol to 10 to enable FrSky passthrough telemetry.

I just realized that you’re using ArduPilot and not PX4. I believe it’s SERIAL1_PROTOCOL. Going forward, you need to post your question in and it’ll probably be best for you to use Mission Planner instead of QGC. By the way, the Yaapu will work with the Craft & Theory cable.

Good luck.

Thank you for all your help. Apologies for posting in the wrong forum.