Frsky gas station driver, where to publish uorb data

hi, i am developing a driver for using the frsky gas suite, the frsky gas suite is a module that manages two temperatures sensors, rpm counter, kill switch, and a flow meter for knowing consumed fuel.
This is a great module becouse it gives everthing you wanted to know about the engine status, remaining fuel, temperature, rpm, and even had a kill switch!, my principal concern here is that i had the data, but i found uorb messages for internal combustion engines wich seams to be really a efi (electronic fuel injection) module or ecu (engine computer unit) data, and is not exactly what the gas suite is, becouse the gas suite is intended for engines with carburator and not with efi or ecu kits, and that uorb topic has a lot of another data that the frksy module didnt meassure like cranckshaft pressure, the only topic i had created is for temperature, everthing else already exist elsewhere,
rpm already existed,
lipo capacity=fuel tank capacity,
mah consumed=fuel consumed,
current=fuel flow.

but when i found uorb messages for this in
it has a lot of data, i could use data of the gas suite to publish some fields but not all topic, but i am not sure if publish there or use the first aproch of use the generated data like a lipo battery.

I recommend doing some investigation where the InternalCombustionEngineStatus is actually used. If it is published via MAVLink and that’s all you need, then it would work.

If, on the other hand, this module gives you the primary “battery” information about the system, then I’d probably publish it as a (fake) battery, so that modules like failsafes can make use of it.

i decided to make a new topic for temperature and upload rpm via rpm.msg, becouse the other messages are about efi kits and that is not what frsky gas module is, how do i publish the data for the battery? it should publish it like battery 2, becouse you dont want to loose information about on board battery that runs all other systems.

I think you can try publishing as battery 2 yes.

but how do you it? or at least where i could had that info

Something like this?