Flight error categorization

Dear px4 community,

I think there is demand for adding error labels to px4 flight logs to make it easier to identify and track re-occurring error patterns in flights/airframes (see this feature request: https://github.com/PX4/flight_review/issues/57 ). At the moment flight errors are sometimes reported in github issues. However, this requires the user to switch between flight review and github and also results in a mix of flight error and other types of issues.

I would like to start thinking about a more convenient way for labeling flight errors directly in flight review. My preferred solution is to allow the user to select one of several predefined error labels while he/she is reviewing the data in flight review (i.e. after uploading). This requires defining a set of flight error categories. I started a document to summarize the types of errors that might occur in flights: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14d8g-ToZEj09UNTXGdGVbpjPbdAx21XZdOELYFR2a8E/edit?usp=sharing

I would appreciate your help in filling this list. Sooner or later I will start another document for discussing how to implement such a system.

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