Flashing Stable 1.5.2 geting 1.5.1dev Firmware! Why?

Hi everyone,
I wanted to give a new try to the px4 project and after flashing the newest stable version I do have my first question since month.

I choose the Firmware 1.5.2

And after flashing I read the version 1.5.1 dev (this dosn’t give me a lot of confidence)

What is right?

I didn’t do anything except of flashing the newest version.

Thanks for the reply

I noticed the same thing… I guess this is some weird bug. Funny though that Dronelogbook shows 1.5.2 correctly.

It doesn’t seem to happen with the new 1.5.3 release though.

Why is stable version 1.5.3 not showing up then whene I flash the firmware?

Looks like the wrong FW version is reported with release 1.5.3 flashed:

nsh> ver all
HW arch: PX4FMU_V4
FW git-hash: f7f47fe6b26d95d811279cf0b416be29912aa33b
FW version: v1.5.1-5-gf7f47fe (1.5.1 0), 17105152
OS version: 6.27 (100796415)
Build datetime: Dec 18 2016 12:14:58
Toolchain: 4.9.3 20150529 (release) [ARM/embedded-4_9-branch revision 227977]
MCU: STM32F42x, rev. 3
UID: 4F0040:3335510D:30383336

How do I get 1.5.3 stable?

Just install latest stable it should be 1.5.3 even though it reports as being 1.5.1. Check the GIT Hash it matches the 1.5.3 Release in GitHub.