Fixed wing position control L1 controller

In the user guide, there is Total Energy Control System for fixed wing position control. It includes both the TECS control part and L1 controller which generates the pitch setpoint, throttle setpoint and roll setpoint. I am confused that whether the position setpoint, attitude setpoint, acceleration rate are simply inputs of the whole controller or not? Why here the L1 controller is used to calculate the roll setpoint? Is roll setpoint necessary to be calculated or it’s just served as input of the controller?
And about the detail of the L1 controller is also not mentioned in the user guide.
I would appreciate it if anyone can answer the questions.
Thanks a lot!


TECS is used for altitude and speed control (so pitch setpoint and throttle). L1 is for lateral control, so roll setpoint.
So Two different controllers running in parallel with different outputs

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Hi,thanks a lot.
But how about the control structure of lateral controller, it seems there is no input of the lateral controller.

Here is the call to the lateral controller. Input is previous and current waypoint, current position and ground speed vector

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