Firmware upload issue!

Hello, i have a problem with px4fmu-v2_default. I setted everithing like in the tutorial, and got compiled successfully the firmware. The uploading also is doing good.
The problem is that i can’t do anythinq else after uploading. In mission planner the attitude is floating, and doesn’t show the altitude, ground speed etc. I can see only gps possition.
Seems like some parametters are not setted.
Thank you for help, Igor.

Are you using mission planner instead of QGC?

Changed to QGC and got the problem. Thank you for help.

It would be very helpful if you can share the snip of errors!

How i understand, in Mission Planner the firmware uploaded is APM. But if i choose already in QGC, Px4 Flight Stack then the altitude and other parameters, i cannot view.
With APM everything is gonig ok.

I was having the same problem with QGC to Mission Planner. So, Now I am just using QGC every time.
One thing that you can do, try to clean your FCU and flash it with QGC and try to do everything on QGC then things will work out.

Thank you for your reply!