Feature request - Set Aux Waypoint

I need to automatically set an output for a sensor within a flightplan. The Set Servo Waypoint feature only seems to affect the primary servo outputs. Setting the AUX pins would be much more useful. Options for PWM or static output would be nice too.

You should already be able to do this with an appropriate mixer. https://dev.px4.io/en/concept/mixing.html

DO_SET_SERVO uses group 2.

That’s a technically correct but unhelpful answer.

I would like more explanation as well. There are six aux out pins. The linked mixing page does not show clearly how to access these pins. I’m using actuator_controls_2 and getting no output as I clearly haven’t set up my mixer correctly.

I can get aux1/aux2 RC passthrough but I don’t want that. I want to set a servo action waypoint and have the pwm on a given aux out port go to a set value to actuate a servo. This is all working except for actually getting the desired PWM on the given aux out port.

Hi guys, do any of you have this solved, I am also facing this problem.
I just can’t understand how mixing and aux out are connected and what to put in DO_SET_SERVO command. What servo ID in mavlink cmd corresponds to what AUX output, and how is mixing files logic working to link these.