Farhang Naderi: Looking for PhD position

Looking for Ph.D. studies opportunities. Graduated with MSc with my thesis subject about Deep learning in drone localization using the Markov algorithm. Research assistant in the Robotics course during my MSc studies.

Research interest could be AI and autonomy in flying or underwater vehicles by using the PX4 environment or something close.

I have contributed to PX4 for two years now as PX4-Ambassador and familiar with MAVSDK, PX4, Qgroundcontrol, ROS, Python, Cpp, Tensorflow, etc. My contribution to PX4 consists of video, tutorials, debugging, and flight tests.
Speaking in ROS World 2020, PX4 Dev Summit 2021 (1) and PX4 Dev Summit 2021 (2) have been a part of my experience with PX4 in addition to MAVROS Tutorial as another example.
I am also the co-founder of Caretta Robotics, which is making an autonomous underwater vehicle for research purposes.


Please reach out in case my CV or more info is needed.