Failsafe enabled no local position

I am using v1.11.3-0.2.3 modalai voxl build of PX4 and a modalai flight core using a holybro m8 gps

I have done all calibration multiple times and it flies great in sabilized mode

however when I try to fly in position mode or use Takeoff flight mode, it throws the error Failsafe enabled no local position. It usually happens right after arming around 5 seconds. but sometimes mid flight

here is what i see on qgroundcontrol

here is the corrosponding error message i get on my logs
WARN [gps] Tracking satellite has disappeared from horizon for unknown reason–please check location! 194 66

Here is the link to my log

I would try to contact ModalAI about this. It’s unlikely that someone here can help with an old PX4 version, first released in 2020.

I don’t see that warning in the log you shared…
Here is the link to the log at the bottom

Are there any ways to determine the likely causes of that error being thrown? is there a way to trace the logs?

Thank you!

Oh, you are right. There it is. I have never seen this warning and I can’t find it in v1.11 source, so I think it must be a ModalAI extension?

My guess would be that satellites go out of view all the time, so this is completely normal.

Is there any way to determine the chain of events that causes the Failsafe enabled no local position failure occurring using the logs? This isn’t a firmware specific problem.