Editing multiple Survey Complex Items

I’m new to working in QT and the QGC project repository.

I’m interested in managing and automatically making changes to multiple surveyComplexItem instances. IE, instances of src/MissionManager/SurveyComplexItem.cc.

I want to be able to automatically remove, add, and edit the parameters of these surveyComplexItem instances.

in which class are instances of surveyComplexItem in scope and accessible?

I see that the SurveyComplexItem class implements TransectStyleComplexItem. I’ve seen that there are SurveyPlanCreator(s) in src/MissionManager/PlanMasterController.cc. I’ve seen that there are calls to the SurveyPlanCreator.createPlan() (which is an inherited method from PlanCreator.createPlan()) method in src/PlanView/PlanView.qml.

I’m struggling where I can find access to these created plans to be able to manipulate them from within the class hierarchy. Any help or pointers would be appreciated!