Development toolchain on VMware (16.04 LTS) fails

I tried to install the development toolchain with “”
but it fails to start after it ask for reboot…


I actually just set this environment up an hour ago, (Ubuntu VMware 16.04) and everything seemed to work for me up until I tried to build the simulator. It looks like yours failed a little earlier than mine though, so I’d love to see if we can get it working, and if the issue I’m having shows up later on.

Could you post a terminal output of the fail? Any info you can give would help, as of now, I’m not even sure what you mean by “it fails to start”.

when if fails you don’t get into a terminal , the virtual machine would not boot up !
but I was able to overcome it , Before installing , I updated Ubuntu , and now it boots up.
so let’s see and share …

Out of curiosity, what spot did your simulator build fail on? I am trying to get Gazebo HITL setup and running on Ubuntu 16.04 via Virtual Box but am also having problems.