Developing new flight app for DJI M600 (SDK)

Our business is interested in developing a flight planning and operations app for the DJI M600 platform. Our business is currently operating with our own developed “hacks” but would like to develop a more robust flight planning and operations software app. We have very specific needs of our flight planning that the current DJI Go/Pilot/GSD does not provide -nor have we been able to find it in any other commercially available flight planning tool. Our basic needs are provided below:

  • ability to use our own basemaps from ArcGIS (through ArcGIS API) for waypoint mission planning (UgCS only allow import of 3D models)
  • ability to developing waypoint missions in 3D (UgCS is currently being used)
  • setting specific AGL allowing for onboard computer to control flight plan autonomously
  • specific alerts and streaming notifications for the pilot (through tablet/CrystalSky) from drone operations
  • others

Would the PX4 platform be suitable for this assuming we will need integration with DJI SDK/API?

Would the group here recommend either a company or developers here on this site who may be interested in helping us develop this software?


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