Depth Camera reference frame

Hey there!

I’m currently utilizing the depth camera of the x500_depth model. Specifically, I’m visualizing the point cloud through the topic depth_camera/points using the sensor_msgs/msg/PointCloud2 type.

Could you clarify the reference frame used to view the point cloud?
If it pertains to the body frame of the camera, does the frame have the X-axis aligned with the camera’s direction (implying a coordinate system of either FRD or FLU type), or is it aligned with the Z-axis of the camera instead?

Thank you all in advance!

Hi @P_Ric

You can do a quick test by visualizing the point cloud on RViz if you are using ROS/ROS2.

The standard convention for cameras is to have the z-axis pointed in front of the camera and the x-y plane parallel to the image plane.