Delay between arming and stick inputs

I do arm my copter, the motors start to spin but for about 2-3 Seconds no stick input are coming in. If I rise the sticks in this “delay” nothing happens, but suddenly the copter get the previous sticks inputs and the motors starts to spin faster. This is dangerous.
Would it be possible to get ride of this delay and have an immediate stick control as soon as the motors spins?

Which version of PX4/Firmware and which hardware (Pixhawk v1, v2 or PixRacer) are you running?

My FC is a AUAV-x2 and the Firmware is PX4 Master from this morning 10:30 Swiss Time :slightly_smiling:

Last time I tested FMUv2, the props did not spin till after the delay. Perhaps we have a regression in master.

If I arm in stabilized my motors spin.
If I arm in acro they do not spin at all until I give some throttle.
But the delay is anyway.

do you have a buzzer connected, and do the motors spin before it quits sounding the “arming” tone?

no buzzer and unfortunately no logs :frowning:

Thanks, I’ll file an issue on that

ok thanks, let me know…

do you have an idea on the other posts I made here earlier?

No idea whether the first one is correct. But the second one is by design. If you want manual control, you should switch to a manual mode, not fight with the autopilot. If I weren’t confident in my piloting skills and an AUTO mode was doing something unexpected, I’d switch to ALTCTL mode. But my standard procedure is to switch to MANUAL if I don’t like what’s happening, because I want the autopilot completely out of the way.

I’m alway ready to switch to an other mode. But still I think it should be possible to adjust the position without leaving the mode. Eg. RTL, while sinking the copter needs some adjustment otherwise it will land on my car and not on the road. Or in MISSION PAUSE I want to adjust the position to get a better shot with my cam.
I don’t want to fly in those Modes, I just want to be able to adjust the copter in the air befor it land.

That sounds good to me. I suggest you file an issue or submit a PR to support it.

After flashing the newest version 1.5.4 master and everything worked fine, I can bring back an old topic :slight_smile: !

What about having stick control in auto flightmodes? Specially, LAND, HOLD (okay instead I could use Position Control, then I have stick control) and MISSION.

I was flying around the house and at the moment there is some snow in the garden. I tested LAND and wanted to correct the landing spot otherwise the copter would have been landing in the snow wall.

To me it doesn’t feel right if I can’t have control on my quad while in the air. I need to correct position at all time!

What do you think?


Sorry the topic title has nothing to do with the stick Inputs. But it was discussed here so I just replied this topic…