Debug function

Hello guys.
I am checking the MultiRotorMixer.cpp source code and I have found many debug macros, that in fact call an printf function (#define debug(fmt, args…) do { printf("[mixer] " fmt “\n”, ##args); } while(0)).
I would like to know if it is possible to check the output of this debug() (the printf() output) in mavlink console on QGROUNDCONTROL.
In fact I have tried, without any successes, to find on QGROUNDCONTROL and online where I could see this output , so, any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

You can use a shell like this to see printfs:

Or you can replace printfs with mavlink_log_info to see them in QGC.

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Hi @JulianOes
Thank you for your post.
In fact, I have already tried to work around with a solution similar to “mavlink_log_info” but I believe it does not work considering that it requires to advertise inside the MultiRotorMixer.cpp, which is not allowed (at least, it did not worked for me).

Anyway, I really appreciated your advise, and I can use it in other cases.

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