Custom Data Logged by QGC?

I’d like to periodically transmit a block of state data out of my underwater research robot via MAVLink. I have a microcontroller transmitting data using generated MAVLink headers and a Raspberry Pi running MAVProxy that translates the serial MAVLink data from the microcontroller to UDP over an ethernet tether to QGroundControl.

The cleanest way would be to define a custom MAVLink message with just the data I’d like to transmit. It’s enough to see it in MAVLink Inspector and have it get logged to the .tlog, but I believe at this time this would require me to build QGroundControl and MAVProxy from source to get them to see or handle the new message. Is this correct?

I’d rather not do that, so I’m planning to use #249 MEMORY_VECT messages otherwise.


I believe that is correct.