Custom Airframes?

Hey folks,

I’m currently working in an undergraduate assistant trying to develop new drone platforms. We’ve been fiddling with the pixracer for a semester just to get a feel for it, and the initial setup for supported airframes was fairly plug and play.

However, I’m currently trying to figure out how one could make their own airframe or edit an existing airframe. As an example, to start all we’re trying to do is setup a servo and control it using a spare channel on the radio. I’ve figured out how to add a servo and some basic setup using Mission Planner with this link

however eventually I’d like to do some work with custom flight modes and pairing the two.

I’m not sure whether or not I’ll need to create a custom airframe to complete this or not, thought this would be the place to find out.

Any help is appreciated, apologies if this is an FAQ as I didn’t see it while skimming these forums before posting.

For ArduPilot help, you’ll have better luck at