Curiousness about FC


I have a question about FC.

I’m inquiring about something while using FC.
I’m not trying to disparage or hit the product
I’m just curious about something.

First: I’m curious about the difference between the two FCs, Cube Orange+ and Cuav V5+. I’m curious about the difference based on experience, such as why I have to choose this product among the two FCs.

Second: I’m also curious about what I should see and compare in the log record under the assumption that the setting is the same.
For example, Vibe status, IMU status, Roll, Pitch, Yaw, and so on…
I wonder what log records I should look at and compare.

Once again, I’m just curious about the difference because I don’t have much experience and knowledge, and I’m not trying to evaluate the product.
Please give me all your advice based on experience.