Could not create Port in QGC with Pixracer Pro and PX4 Software


we are currently running into the problem, that we cannot create a port on several windows and apple notebooks, with setting Baudrate on 115K.
When we try the same with mission Planner as operating surface it connects directly with 115k Baudrate.

Does anybody got same problems like this and have an advice for us?

FC: Pixracer Pro
Firmware QGC:4.2.4
Frmware FC: 1.13.2

Thanks for your work in advance!

Kind regards
Marcel Schneider

What do you mean with “cannot create a port”? How are you doing this?

Hello, thanks for your reply.

I´m using RFD Modems for telemetry transmisson.
When I´m creating a com port in QGC and I wanted to connect about this com port with the same baudrate like the RFD Modems had, there is the issue “cannot create a port”. So we could not connect to QGC about the RFD Modems. Both settings of modems are exactly the same. The issue also happens with baudrate of 57k.


Does the COM port exist in Device Manager?