Configuring/logging NEO-M8P wirelessly with u-center (passthrough)


I want to make a field test with my Pixhawk 2 and PX4 firmware and I want to log/analyze RTK-data of my NEO-M8P (Here+ V2 RTK) live, mainly the NED baseline vector, with u-center. So you need to screw on the cap on rover/rover antenna and connect it directly by USB to the computer to get the connection and live data analization with u-center working. I wonder if there is a possibility to connect the rover as usual to the GPS-port of the Pixhawk and establish a wireless connection to the computer respectively to u-center, where I could analyze the data live and make configurations to the rover? Like a passthrough?

I’ve read about the “MAVSerial passthrough” in Mission Planner, but didn’t get it to work. Maybe because I am using PX4 and not ArduPilot firmware? Anyway, I would like to use PX4 and QGroundControl.

Thanks in advance,