Configure Min Max PWM on specific AUX port


Is there a way to limit the Min and Max PWM value, for example to limit the servo travel? Of course this should be possible to configure on each single AUX port. I found only the parameters PWM_AUX_MIN and PWM_AUX_MAX so far, which refer to all AUX ports.

the two parameters is enough to achieve your goal

Actually it’s not. For example this wouldn’t be possible:
Aux1: 1200-1900 pwm
Aux2;1400-1700 Pwm

You can read the related mix file.
Because only the two points can modify the limit of pwm.

Do you mean the vehicle.aux.mix file?
For example the mixer here for the elevator on a VTOL would be:
M: 1

O: 10000 10000 0 -10000 10000

S: 1 1 -10000 -10000 0 -10000 10000

How would i know achieve the calculation to 1100 and 1900 pwm? Just edit the last two parameters(lower limit:1100; upper limit:1900) in S: ? I think this is not enough explained in the documentation.

could u use a program mix in the controller to limit the travel of the servo ?