Compatible Radios with Snapdragon Flight running PX4


I have seen some previous conversations around support for FrSky Radios with Snapdragon Flight. In one of the tickets it was mentioned that only Spektrum Radios are supported. This is a hardware limitation and not a software one. Is it still the case that the only options (without having an intermediary microcontroller/converter) for Snapdragon Flight are Spektrum Radios ?


I assume that using Spektrum is relatively easy because it is essentially just a serial protocol which is already supported by the Snapdragon platform.

Presumably this would require support in the underlying Qurt OS so that it can decode PPM, however, the platform is not really maintained these days, so I would be sceptical that this is ever supported.

This being said you could try to implement this yourself using the GPIO support which is presumably enabled in dspal headers, see here:

Thank you for your response Julian. I decided to get a used Spektrum radio for now.