Compatibility with Here+ V2

Does anyone have firsthand experience with using this GPS module: (Here+ V2)? We’ve encountered incompatibilities between PX4 and various Hex / ProfiCnc products (external mag was not used because of lack of support for ICM20948 in the firmware) so I am trying to check before we buy a batch of these receivers (they are fairly pricey too because of M8P).

I use the HERE2 with Pixhawk Cube 2.1 no problems, but I it is running Arducopter

but I it is running Arducopter

I see, but that’s exactly the problem we’ve hit earlier (and the whole point of this thread) - we’ve had experiences when the magnetometer on the Proficnc / Hex GPS module was not used by PX4 because there was no driver for such a magnetometer (in our case ICM20948) in the firmware. However, for most people it “works”, since they run Arducopter and apparently there is such a driver in Arducopter firmware.

I responded to your post on slack (best to cross link to here when you do those to avoid duplication). There is preliminary support for ICM20948 in this commit. I don’t know what preliminary means and it is in master, not a release version. @dagar may be able to provide more information.

they are fairly pricey too because of M8P).

Do not confuse the reason to be price of parts, instead of greed.
It could easily be much cheaper, there is much too little competition.

You need to use the master firmware to be able to use the external mag in HERE+ v2. But so far it works ok for me.

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Yeah, I know a thing or two about it…

We helped some community developers add support for the magnetometer in the Here2 for PX4, both he Here2 and the here+V2 should act the same regarding compass.
As the here+V2 has not been offered with a CAN driver Firmware update, it’s basically plug and play regarding the mag on i2c

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