Communication between neural network on AI deck and PX4 on crazyflight

Hello all

I would like to know if you have some suggestions about how I can provide the output of a trained neural network for obstacle avoidance (streering angle) into px4 in order to perform the steer maneuver.


Hi Luca.
I presume the neural network is running on an offboard computer (e.g., Raspeberry Pi) and the provided output is the target (the orientation that rover should follow) instead of its state (the orientation that the rover actually is).

In this case, please refer to the offboard mode doc. You can use the SET_ATTITUDE_TARGET message from mavlink to send the desired orientation to your rover. The controller will follow it.

Hi, the neural network is running on an AI deck AI deck 1.1 | Bitcraze
I’m wondering if I can use MAVSDK to do the communication between AI deck and px4 (crazyflie)