Collect faulty Pitot tube data (airspeed, pressure data, etc.)

Hi there,

I’m a graduate student at the University of Minnesota. I’m interested in the characteristics of the faulty airspeed data due to water insertion. I know this does happen when the day is foggy, but I don’t have enough data to do some statistical analysis. Would anyone share their faulty airspeed data with me if possible?

Looking at the following 2 figures:

First figure shows two faulty airspeed from 2 UAVs. They were caused by water plug. Suprisingly, they seem to have decreasing rate.


Second figure, I lined them up, and they do show the same trend!


I’m hoping to come up reliable foggy air data fault detection for px4! Thank you!


interesting. FYI @Paul_Riseborough and @sfuhrer

Yeah sounds interesting! I unfortunately don’t have a log at hand with a airspeed sensor failure due to water in the pitot. If we experience any issue in the near future I’ll happily share it!

On the side note: With 1.11 we will have a (rather basic) airspeed failure detection in place. It calls a sensor failed when

  • airspeed reading is below stall speed (parameter to set)
  • airspeed reading from pitot differs too much from groundspeed-windspeed
  • data from airspeed sensor is missing or currupt

Any help improving this failure detection would be highly appreciated, keep us posted of your progress!