Code of Conduct Poll

Hi everyone, on our last dev call we discussed voting on codes of conducts, here are the current options, this poll will remain open until next weeks dev call.

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Note: whatever option we choose would only set the direction of our CoC, we will draft our own, making sure whatever we choose makes sense to the project.

I like the simplicity of the Fedora CoC.

I support the idea of a CoC, but have no opinion on the options given. Or any other option, for that matter. I’ll trust the project management’s judgement.

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I don’t see why we need a document outlining something as axiomatic as telling people to behave. But if the majority does then i have no problem with it. I will abstain from this vote.

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Looks like the CoC for Django and Fedora have snippets from one or the other.

If you are going to adopt a Code of Conduct, then you also need an enforcement policy. The Fedora CoC doesn’t have that. The other two do.

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That doesn’t mean we couldn’t adopt the Fedora CoC and add our own enforcement policy.

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The Covenant is the most succinct and easiest to read. I’d rename/write the pledge up the top to just be a “Vision” (“pledging” makes me thing of evangelical churches and snake oil.)

I like that the Fedora CoC is so brief.