CBRK_VELPOSERR not disabling position error checks

I have set the CBRK_VELPOSERR to 201607, yet still from time to time I’m unable to arm because of a Position Unknown error. I am using a Pixracer on v1.9.2. Am I missing something? The description for the parameter is “Setting this parameter to 201607 will disable position and velocity accuracy checks in commander” Does this param only allow arming when there is positioning data but having low accuracy and not in the case of no position data? ie: with some position data it will allow arming but with no position data it will not?

Could you paste the exact error message that you are getting even with the circuit breaker in place? I need to search in the code for it to understand what is going on.

The exact message is [TIMESTAMP ]“Critical:Preflight Fail: Position Unknown” It doesnt happen all the time, but does pop up sometimes, and rebooting the vehicle usually allows for arming.