Catching video issues

I am trying to capture video from gazebo. As you use your worlds, I’m writing it here. I’v done everything stated in the article. After this Im only getting this in the image.

But there is no such .so lib, only cpp and .h files, as such

I would appreciate any help a lot. Thanks in advance)


That’s because the plugin get’s automatically built before being launched. You would need to build those files and instantiate them as plugin yourself. Also note that we’re not capturing video, but stream video from a simulated camera to QGC.

I checked if my plugin is included to the cmake file, and, yes, it is.

I then run “$cmake sitl_gazebo” in the Tools folder, I assume, that is what you said I need to do. Then I got that in responce

I looked into the error log, but I couldnt understand how error which I got is connected with my actions. So I dont’t know what to do now. I’m adding here error log, may be you have any ideas.

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