Cannot open tlog file : No valid timestamps

Hi, nice day!

In mid-air after communication between vehicle and QGC (QGroundControl) is disconnected, the tlog file cannot be opened in QGC for replaying.

The error message is below:

The log file ‘….tlog’ is corrupt. No valid timestamps were found at the end of the file.

Can I recover the file? or some comment? I’d like to know the position trace.

Enter a github issue on this. Zip the .tlog file up and attach to the issue and I’ll take a look to see if there is a way to get QGC to work with this.

Thanks a lot for your goodness!

In the last night lately, I found the solution:

The software can succeed to convert the crashed file into text data.

Here is the reference.

Thanks Don.

Hello, I have written the issue for my variant of the same bug.