Cannot Calibrate ESC in Plane

I have a Holybro Pixhawk I in a standard configuration airplane with Mission Planner firmware version AC 3.3. Almost everything seems to work, including communication with Mission Planner via SiK telemetry at 915 MHz. The power module is the same type that has been around since APM days. The arming switch is built into the GPS module. The only thing that doesn’t work is the throttle. I have tried every method I could find on the web to calibrate the throttle, but so far I have had no success. The methods I have found even contradict each other, to the point where one authority said that calibrating the motor in Plane with Mission Planner cannot be done. I find this hard to believe. Can someone please give me a straight story on this and a method that works? I am rapidly running out of good weather here. Thanks.

Marlin. This might be a stupid suggestion but I have a similar problem with a Pixhawk based drone I built. But the cause was me plugging in the esc’s into output Channels.

Good luck.

I’m pretty sure they’re in the right ports, since all the other controls like rudder and elevator work properly. Why should throttle be any different?

I see . Does the esc beep when the auto pilot is armed? If not maybe there is an issue with the esc calib. Have you tired testing the throttle independent of the autopilot?

I hope one of the experts chime in to help. I plan on building a fixed wing plane with an autopilot.

Good luck