Can we modify ioctl to command 100 percent dutycycle?

Hi, in order to send command to LED strips, i must send pwm between 0-100% duty cycle.
So this is my problem.
I can use ioctl function to set 0us for turn off the LED but the upper limit is about 2000us at 100Hz, so it just 20% duty cycle.
Where i should look for hardcode? Thank you advanced!

        ioctl(pwmfd, PWM_SERVO_SET(3), (double)(2000.0f*_light_sp(0)/255.0f)); //Work
        ioctl(pwmfd, PWM_SERVO_SET(4), (double)(10000.0f*_light_sp(1)/255.0f)); //Not work
        ioctl(pwmfd, PWM_SERVO_SET(5), (double)(0.0f*_light_sp(2)/255.0f));        //Work
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